Saturday, February 17, 2018

Can I forget last evening?

The sun is shining and there is a nip to the air. Finally there we have winter temps and it is almost Spring! The garden will not know what is going on!
I lost a you may be thinking... The Brother Alan and I found so many keys and no clue about them some months ago.
In the picture: the round key fob are my house keys, then there is a garage door key then there are 3 front door keys! then a bunch of "those secret keys" and then the lone kitchen door key.
The lost key is to the kitchen door to/from the garage. I almost looked myself in the garage last evening! I had a moment of panic but stopped the door from closing then thought no big deal there is a key here. It was then that I looked for the key and it was not there. I did feel panic. What if...I had not caught the would I get into the house....I could, I had no phone with me...I could leave by the garage door and go to Glenda and Don's. they have a, they have a key to open the garage door only. I spent one hour in the garage looking for where the key had disappeared to. Finally I gave up but it weighed on my mind throughout the rest of the evening and into this morning. First thing this morning I began to look again...but along the way I began to do at least 10 things. I actually overwhelmed myself and all before a cup of coffee. So I had my coffee and gave up on all the little projects and went into the garage and found the key! In the process I found 2 more keys. Why I did not put it back where I usually did is a mystery. You do know that Glenda and Don will be getting a copy of this key ASAP. I think I will pretend that last evening never happened.
I had a lot of aches and discomfort with my right leg yesterday and all this playing in the garage will not help me today so it is a day of rest for me now. My tatted motif is almost finished and the doll is still headless! That will be my goal today. Glad you visited and listened to my tale of woe. Thank you for the kind words and for your friendship.
LuLu if you are reading this....I got your lovely card and I miss you too. Thank you. Glenda, well what can I say...she and I have been sharing a cup of tea here and there and I would be lost without her. (these gals do not blog). Friends, I treasure you more than I can say.
*****Countdown to arrival...16 days****

Friday, February 16, 2018

A garden walk and tatting

Well it did rain and is still drying out. Since it is still dark outside I can only tell you that the air is nippy. I have been watching the Olympics and did a bit of tatting
 The basic ice drop with a heart border.... but Olympic Curling got in the way....
I baked a basic bread late yesterday to have with my Penne and Shrimp bake dinner.... very good if I say so myself. I have enjoyed trying new recipes. I would like to show you the view out of my kitchen window....
This is what is left of my tomato plant and of course the "alien" Snail Vine.  It truly grows before my eyes!
If you really look closely in the center of the picture you will see that it is now growing toward each side! As soon as I can use the step ladder I will attempt to bundle it up to the top of the arbor....before you can not longer walk beneath it. And such delicate blooms...
They are unique in how they curl around itself and such pretty shades of lavender. Soon I will be showing you my lavender blooms that are getting ready.
this little bundle of cherry tomatoes may be the last that I get. I will just leave the plant which is right next to the "alien" and on the other side of this is
the Red Lips Salvia. The hummer visits it daily and it is a lovely bright spot to see out the kitchen window. It probably would do better in the ground but for now this is where it grows.
Across the garden is
Fairy Duster....which has doubled in size and doing well. These feathery blooms do not last long but are so bright and fluffy. I am enjoying taking care of this garden which my Denny established and loved so much. I know he would approve of my additions.
Thanks to Don for helping me to install all the drip lines, my watering is now self care and makes it much easier for me to enjoy what work I need to do out there.
Today the plan is to attach the doll's head so she can think and help me pick out clothing fabric! I think I will carefully bring the bin into the house so I do not have to stand in the garage choosing it all. My restrictions will probably be lifted once I see the doctor on Tuesday. Hopefully my right leg will start to feel better too. Hope you enjoyed the garden walk. Thank you for your caring emails and encouragement and kind words. You are wonderful friends...thank you for your friendship. You have helped me immensely these last 8 months. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

What a week....and it's only Thursday!

Rain.. yes indeed there was rain in The Valley of the Sun yesterday afternoon. The official measurement was about 1/4 of an inch and the first really measurable in 130 days. Well, it is a desert area!
There were bubbles in the birdbath! It did not rain heavily here but enough to be steady for a short time. It was nice and we do need it but at this rate the drought will continue.
Thank you for the lovely messages on Valentine's Day. Another one of my firsts to pass. The Brother Alan called to check on how I was feeling since the latest procedure which was Monday. To be honest, it is not as painful (but it is badly bruised) as the right leg which is still so sore. Those bruises are starting to fade. Tonight I get to sleep without bandages or compression stocking...that should feel good.

I stuffed and stuffed and began to put the Tilda doll together and I even tatted a little yesterday. Found an unfinished tatted Ice Drop started so I thought it was time to finish it...neither of the projects got finished! I did watch the Olympics. It is so hard to watch the figure skaters when they fall or fail to complete a technique. I know the count of medals is important but for me it is to see the accomplishments of all the athletes. Years of work to get to the competition is a reward in itself. The skiing is my favorite and the Curling. Still learning about the rules and stuff but I enjoy the how and why of the game. Today will be another good day to relax and watch more of the games.
Guess that about covers what I have been up to this week. The Bissell needs a walk but I am not suppose to do that yet...gee, I feel bad! Since the air still has some rain drops in it I can forget about cleaning the yard, oh wait, that is not on my okay to do list...gee....guess I will just sit and do some crafty thing and watch the Olympics. Glad you visited with me today. Thank you for the kind words and for your caring friendship.
***friends are kisses blown to us by Angels*** unknown author 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Off to see The Wizard

Oh what a gloomy morning. The sky is grey and the air has a chill. They say it may rain and it certainly does feel like it will.
Yesterday Honey, AKA Keith, came by and I got a few computer lessons. He makes it all so simple! He also moved my fabric bin for me. So the doll will get some clothes....still in the stuff her stages. Then we watched some of the Olympics before he headed home. The chicken and escarole soup did get made but not the Pizzelles and we know I will be a bit loopy this afternoon so not today either. I will be off to see The Wizard doctor later this morning for the right leg procedure then I will have matching set.  The steri-strip from the incision came off and of course there was a little bleeding. I remembered all the medical supplies I had to get when Denny was ill and sure enough, I had steri-strips so I am all patched up.
I guess I should talk about the Dove couple.

Doves mate for life....which is good but also sad if something happens to one of them. They have a great system for raising their 2 younglings. One is with the nest at all times. He sits on the nest during the day and then they switch off and she remains for the evening. Once the babies feather out then they can be left for periods during the day. I do not know when they decide that their mate is gone and it is time to move on, and how long they remain by themselves. It seems that is what happened here with my Dove pair. One returns everyday and sits before flying off. The one egg will never be nurtured. I will remove it so that maybe another pair may come along and stay. As sad as it is, it is what nature is all about. When you open your garden to all you must accept that.
Glenda will be taking me again today and it will be the last of her escorting. I so appreciate her as my friend. Glad you stopped by and I thank you for your kind words and for caring about me. Thank you for your friendship.
****22 days but who's counting!****