Monday, December 11, 2017

I think I am I think I am

Yes, it just may be that I am over this thing called The Common Cold! Let me tell you, it was not common to me. It is a week today that it began and just might be ending. About time because I still have a few things to do and today is the day I must get at least 2 items off the list.
Just outside the kitchen window is the tomato plant...almost ready and there will be a few to enjoy. Glad the plant is on the system or it would be gone by now. I have not venture into the yard all week. I did stroll out there yesterday and then spotted
The beans have flowers! Yes indeed, we will pick beans. There are plenty of these sweet blooms on the plants. These are also on the system! By the Spring a few more plants will be hooked up to the irrigation lines which will be helpful. So far all is well out there. The Snail Vine is a beautiful "weed" that just continues to spread everywhere since I have not been out there to tame it.
Yesterday I decided to try the Italian Herb Bread again
this time I substituted Italian Seasoning mix for the individual herbs and it does taste better. I had it toasted this morning with some butter. Will I make it again...not sure. I also used Light Olive Oil instead of Extra Virgin which gives it a milder taste. The best of course is just the regular simple breads.
Most of you know how much I love the coyote encounters. The sounds of them in the evening when they are out hunting to survive is quite the thing to listen to. The sight of them strolling into the courtyard or out on the street is nice. At all times I do remind myself that they need to survive and that is with the rabbits. Having said this....
last week I found this part of a bunny tail on the sidewalk. Now...please do not get upset...this is just a partial of the tail also the bunny still lives. Sad as it may seem, if the coyotes did not hunt them we would be overridden with the rabbits in the neighborhood. there are several large hutches just within our property. The bunnies get away more times than they are caught...they are very fast and get into the many underground homes quickly. A few of their homes are built under the Prickly Pear cacti and the coyotes just can not fight the spines. A Navajo women told me once that we must respect all creatures and not interfere. When I look up at my wall of Native art, there are pieces of fur from many animals incorporated into them. Using the fur tufts this way honors them. So this little tail tuft will find a place with my Native art in honor of the nature around me. So glad you visited with me today. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship.
Today a friend, "Bobby" is having a medical procedure so I ask that you keep him in your thoughts for a positive outcome. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Almost but not yet

I have been knocked for a loop. This cold has kept me down since Monday evening...a whole week! It has been so long since I have had a cold I had forgotten how miserable it is. Yesterday was the first day that I felt almost normal. Still with the cough but hopefully there will be even less of that. At least I am not walking around with a tissue to my nose all day. So, I have not done anything...nadda...nil...and it shows. The Bissell really needs a walk around the place as does the Swiffer, but it may not be today. Yesterday I wanted needed a cup of tea. As soon as the 3 minute brew time was up I promptly knocked the mug over spilling tea all over the counter, down the cupboard and onto the floor. After the initial whining was over, I made another cup of tea and then forgot to drink it...that has been my week. I managed to drag myself to the Post Office yesterday to get my packages mailed with the exception of one which will go out probably Monday. I do have to make a quick run today to Staples and then to JC Penny for a pick-up but definitely not the PO as I am sure being Saturday it will be busy.
I have 3 maybe 4 tomatoes that are almost ready to pick. The first was delicious with sliced cucumbers and celery. The weather over-night has been I wake with the temp around 44. Brrr....goodness, I had to put socks on!. Not to be concerned because by afternoon they say it will be in the mid 70s. I appreciate the concern because I had not posted for a few days...your emails were so nice. Typing with one hand while containing a runny nose with the other hand was rather difficult. I will catch up on reading blogs over the weekend. Right now I think it is time to curl up and keep warm until I must venture out for errands.
Thank you for caring and for the get well wishes which I am sure have been helping. Thank you also for the kind words and your friendship. Hoping for a better week coming.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Out of commision today

The day began okay...just a little sinus issue. Glenda and I went to see Murder on the Orient Express. It was okay....will not say it will be my favorite version. Came home and decided settle with a cup of tea. I felt chilly even though the temp inside was the same as it has been. Finally just before it was getting evening I decided to string the lights on the lamppost in the courtyard. I had done one earlier in the day. I had the lights in my hands, head down as I walked out the door. Why...well they were a bit tangled. As I got to the end of my porch, head still down, I found myself walking into a coyote. There he was ... were looked at one another, I say a quiet hello and he began to walk away. After a few paces he stopped and I said goodbye and off he went. This is not the first encounter  have had with the desert dogs. Each time the experience is just as exciting. Never a dull moment for me.
Drum roll * * * * *...the first tomato picked. Now don't expect me to share because it is only 1-1/2 inches and it will be delicious with a mini cucumber (pickling size) and some sliced celery. A couple more are beginning to turn light orange! Still waiting for signs of a bean or two on the plants that are growing nicely.
I added a bit of Christmas décor to my growing palm tree in the backyard.....
these are about 6- 8 inch or so big. A bit of something in the back too.
I think this will be the extent of my 2017 decorations...some out front, the sparsely decorated tree and the village with a few wreaths here and there.
I would love to continue this chat but it is difficult to type and concentrate with tissues in the left hand held to the sometimes stuffy, occasionally drippy nose and the occasional coughing does not type well. I think it will be pjs and rest for the day. I do need a cup of tea.
Today was going to be market day but it can wait. More Post Office too but that will definitely wait. If you are looking for me today, I will be the one curled up in pjs and robe and the tea pot full. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

And the day went well

Everyday seems to be starting out as a cloudy cool day...then the sun makes an appearance and we are off to a warm day even setting or matching records. I love this year round weather of Arizona. Did you see the Super Moon last night? I gazed at it from my backyard....
Lots to share today...
Love getting mail more specifically packages....don't you?
Sis Lyn knew I was out of my favorite Rhode Island Pepper sticks so  my supply is replenished....but she also sent me the seasoning for the best hot wiener sauce made ... now it is not the same as going the NY System but it will do. Besides food...
look... 3 more yellow ducks swimming in the pond!  Thank you everything is ducky in the pond.
My telephone was busy yesterday. There was the call from my niece Tonya "Pafazzo"..long loving chat. There was the weekly call form sis Lyn ...always a long chat. Amazing the things we find to talk about! Oh and a call from The Brother Alan and Lisa. They called to chat while they decorated their tree
It looks lovely and so don't they! there is even one of my tatted ornaments hanging there somewhere. My day was pretty complete thanks to my family.
I finished my ornament.....but only a sneak peek. It will be mailed this week and then I can show you 
what it really looks like.  Lots of mailing to do this week. I was hoping to tat a few snowflakes, but have not started yet. It is the only snow around here for me.
I have been awake since 2 AM....and since I could not fall back to sleep I thought wee, get up, blog and make coffee. So before I head to the coffee grinder I will leave you with this
The Brother Alan......watching me from afar. Oh there is the Angel I made with sheet music paper!
I am lucky to have my family caring...there is no distance with love.
Thank you my friends for your kind words and friendship.