Monday, April 23, 2018

I want to be tech savvy

Finally up and having my cup of coffee.....finally thinking about the day ahead and things to do. Need to go to the bank, need to get gas...the dreaded go get gas! I still hate doing this task even though it has been almost 1 year that I have been driving to the gas pump and staring at it for a minute or two before it all kicks in. Maybe part of the issue is that I only need to get gas once a month...this is the same tank of gas that The Brother Alan put it the day he left (March 17th). I can not help it, putting gas in the car and I have a mental block. Gas rant over.
I wish I could be more tech savvy. Using a computer or tablet or cell phone does mean you know what you are  doing. Example....last week as I was thinking ...when did Denny change the batteries in the smoke detectors.... the one in the kitchen began to beep. Great. I was having another "first to do". I climbed on the step ladder, ( holding my breath as this is right next to the tea cup display) after a brief tug and pull, got the battery out inserted a new one and then what? nothing happened. So I tried another battery and I heard a beep but the push to test button did not work. After a half hour I thought I think it is time to check with Son. After a brief conversation all was  well. This morning.... the living room TV remote did not work. Funny as it was working up to bedtime last evening! New batteries inserted and still only the volume worked. A call to Cox and Bridget talked me through the solution. Why am I re-setting the remote after a few months? "It can happen" was the reply. Okay, now I know what to do the next time. Why can't they just give instruction booklets anymore?
Moving along now that I am tech savvy for the day.
I managed to get more tatted and have only 2 more sections to complete. Seems that I had a few too many distractions yesterday. Wish I could remember what pulled me away...oh well. Today is another day.
I did think about this project
not revealing too much about it yet. It is for someone.... so, this is all I will show right now and not any of the fabric yet.
The days are back into the low to mid 90s...and maybe high 90s by the end of the week. Limited outdoor activity in the garden unless I can encourage myself to get up and out there early. Seems very unlikely at this point. I do need to get a few things taken care of out there.
Well, I feel hungry and think hash browns would be good.... and since the Fairy Chef is absent I guess I will make them myself. It is always a pleasure to have you visit with me. Thank you for your kind words and for your friendship. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday morn

Oh it will be a lazy day as I start it feeling very tired. I have been awake since darkness was outside my bedroom window.... but it was just the start of the London Marathon. Of course that is what I decided to watch and now need a nap. Watching those athletes I am amazed at their stamina. The result of this lack of sleep is now a minor headache.
I have mentioned the crow that stops by every day to visit the small waterfall in my he is chatting away outside on the rooftop edge. Sometimes he stops by the birdbath out front of the living room window always with much racket. Yesterday I noticed as he flew off there was another one with him....mind you I am not sure of this is a he or she, but there were two of them. Daily entertainment.
I did start another snowflake yesterday.
This one is made using 2 shuttles and is interesting. My hand was an issue so hopefully I will finish it today ... if I can stay awake. I did have other plans and that was to start to cut out a pattern for a horse... but that definitely is going to not happen today. Luckily for me neither of this has a time limit.... at my leisure. I like that word---- leisure. It even sounds relaxing.
I really need to curl up, it really is nice to chat but off I must go to nap. Thank you for your kind words and visit and most of all thank you for your friendship.
A special thank you out to dear friend DebbieB for remembering and for her encouragement all these months. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

My slow morning

Well, finally feel as though I will get through this morning. The reason being that last evening I took the med for my restless legs...of course if a med has a side effect most likely I will experience it. Lightheadedness, blurred vision (already have some of that) and tired. Did I mention the lack of concentration? So far I have started several adventures around the house and left all of them mid task. One of those days.The good news is that I slept through the night and not once woke until 6 am from 9 PM. So, I guess I need to weigh the choice of sleep and morning of being very slow to restless broken sleep and feeling tired for most of the day.

Most likely little will be accomplished today but the bed is made and the Bissell walked around so that is not too bad. Not sure were the Swiffer got left! The garden will not get swept due to the winds again. Following doctor's orders I will limit my outdoor time during the windy time so my asthma/allergies will behave. The sounds of my buoy bell and chimes are relaxing to me and they certainly have gotten a work-out recently. The days have moments of very gusty winds.
Yesterday The Brother Alan and I talked on the phone for 3 hours! We chatted about so many things and made so many plans and I could go on and on...let me just say I miss him and glad he will be here in September.... don't worry I will not be starting the official countdown yet! Usually these long type of conversations are with the sis Lynowl. There have been times that she and I talked more than once a day for long times. Now we Skype....that is another story ...I will say it is fun with her.
As my hand allows I try to work on the French embroidery ... but....The last 3 lines around the piece which I did as broken lines are suppose to be solid! So....yes, I guess I will be back stitching to make them solid. Not today though! Not with my concentration where it is. Wonder about my reading.....
These 3 are on my table now. I have been reading Sherlock Holmes and started James Comy's book but not yet the other, Everything Happens for a Reason. I do read from my tablet but to be truthful, I really enjoy having the book in hand and feeling the turn of a page. At the rate of my morning so far I think breakfast is the only thing I will start and finish right now.
Yesterday I received an email from a friend Jeri....I was not aware she reads my blog each day. I was not aware that ladies from a group which we both ( and I have been absent from) belong ask about me and she lets them know how I am....what a nice feeling that is. Thank you Jeri for caring and reaching out. Glad to chat with all of you... glad you take time to visit and listen. Thank you for the kind words and your friendship.
I am off to conquer the day!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

All my ducks in a row....

The doctor appointment went well...all my lab work was good and just a minor adjustment to my meds. Of course my allergies which have been silent for years are back. These very windy days are the reason so I am limiting my outdoor work for now. I probably can manage early outdoor cleaning up.
This 13 gallon trash bin was filled the other morning and by the next day I could have filled it again with debris from the winds. They have really been strong gusts of around 30 - 40 mph. Forget the pond....the leaves can float! But...
all my ducks are sitting it out! I really should remove the artificial grasses so it would be an easier and quicker clean of the leaves floating. That will be tomorrows or later this afternoons job.
I was surprised to find that the tomato plant is still producing...
4 cherry tomatoes for my salad tonight. I guess I will just let it continue for as long as it will thrive. Very happy that all is well in the garden..... dusty, but all blooming. I do have one plant that has not survived and needs to be replaced. I had hoped it would revive itself but not to be. Next trip to Lowe's I will replace it.
Hannah is completed
I love using buttons in my needlework. This looks delicate with the lacey chains around the edge. It was a quick tatted snowflake and now is on the tatting tree. Have not decided on my next one yet. Very much enjoying this book of patterns. There are only a couple that I most likely not tat.
So, that is about it from here. I need another cup of coffee and since Debbie mentioned poached eggs to me the other day I have had the craving for that is todays breakfast with toast. Debbie shares recipes with for English Toast Bread that I will try to do in my machine and a nice simple roll recipe (by hand) that I am looking forward to trying. For now it is poached eggs and toast with coffee. Glad you had some time to visit  and  I thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship.