Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Umbrella mystery solved

Oh the day is still dark (5:30 AM) and already very warm at 85 degrees...they say it will be 105 today. Other that the 11:30 AM doctor appointment I have a "free" day with no plans. The weather predicts that the Monsoon will be returning with rains, winds and dust.
If the Goldfinch has anything to say, the red umbrella although faded but not going to trash, will be destroyed in no time~~~~
Do you see all the strings hanging along the edge? This appears on more than one place around the umbrella. I had been curious as to how this was happening. I happened to catch this guy pulling at them! I first I thought he was falling off the umbrella but then I saw him tugging away. Just what I need, Goldfinches!
The mail arrived and so did this
A lovely note card and a hand painted canvas of a feather, (She found this at a craft fair.) Jo sent me such caring words and the card has a sweet poem on the backside. In Jo's note she wrote, "the belief is that if you see a white feather it means someone in Heaven is watching over you". I now feel that she is also watching and caring. I value our friendship too dear friend.
I sat outside yesterday morning with my coffee and before I knew what was happening I began to clean and rearrange the lanai. All because as I sat listening to Michael Crawford, the sound of the waterfall and sipping the coffee, I thought about painting the shelves and removing 2 of them to use in the house. One thing led to another and I was washing the floor and moving things around. Well, now at least if I have the comfy weather it is clean and waiting. I thought about taking away the vases with the twigs but the little hummer came in and out and I thought better not...

as soon as I finished and came inside to clean up he appeared on his twig. So, it will remain on the shelf for his pleasure....and mine. Just a little thing but it makes my day to see him in the lanai resting out of the elements.
This week I should think about a few ornaments to make and tat more Denny's Angels. I will be sending them to friends and then will try to send if someone asks. Guess I should try to accomplish a few things around the house. Always a pleasure to chat with you and I thank you for your kind words and friendship. Let's have a good day.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Let me explain

Are you ready for the Solar Eclipse?  I am very interested but not to the point that I would travel to another state and battle crowds and traffic to view this.  No thank you, I will catch the TV coverage and at the same time be sure of safety to my eyes. Yesterday I baked a bread (could have turned out better) and made an apple cake. Today I am trying to find relief with the pain in my right leg and knee. I guess it is time to call the pain specialist. About that Gelato jar....thank you for all the tips. I did try tapping the lid, running hot water as well as using a rubber grip for lids. This was just a case of the gelato company really did not want me to enjoy the gelato at that moment. Well, not to worry as it is gone...and it was delicious.
I am pleased with the Library Bookcase. Fits perfectly against the side wall and completes the area.  the closed door section is great storage for the computer/desk things that I do not need to have out in view. All things tidy now. At some later time I may add a light inside the shelf area. I just want to change out the plug outlet on the wall now that it visible.
I am down to just 2 outside umbrellas and thanks to Keith, the too tight screw is out and now the not so green umbrella is in the stand.
Just to show you what the heat and sun do to the umbrellas...see how pretty (on the right) the blue was? This is just 2 years sun and heat. The red and green umbrellas, although pretty faded still have some time left.
The pond is looking good and working well. I did not want the water to be pond is clear, and I did notice it a bit green. Okay, there is and always will be some algae, but...remember the patch of green that I bought to add to the water lilies? I decided I liked it so I bought 2 more to fill in space. I just happened to read the tag...did not on the first one...and it said for indoor use only...will bleed green color if wet!
Guess that accounts for the green water! But, I like it. Slowly adding some features around the pond so the frog will not be the only thing there. Soon I will be able to add some annuals as we plant them in the fall and winter here in Arizona. I will be getting my tomato plants next month. Denny would be very pleased.  Our yard was his hobby and enjoyment.  I am learning to care for it as well as the house. Today is 2 months since his passing. I have accomplished a lot and learned a lot and have had the help of dear friends.  Staying strong and brave is not easy. I thank each of you for your love and encouragement and your kinds words. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Who you gonna call~~~~~

no, no...not the Ghostbusters. I have never seen the movie but that is not who is needed here. Indeed it is a friend who although she laughs with you or at a problem, she does not question, she just helps when called or not called! That is right; sometime she offers and then volunteers the hubby. I am talking about Miss Glenda and Don. Our friendship has grown stronger these last months. Both of them have cared about me and advice given has been taken. On Thursday I needed a few items so off to Safeway and back I came. Later that day I decided to have a cool treat---but I could not open the jar! No matter how hard I tried I could not unscrew the lid. Back into the freezer. I choose Tillamook Vanilla Bean instead. On Friday I tried that lid again and later again and finally before tossing it into the trash, I sent an email off to Glenda telling her that I was desperate. I asked that on their way out if they could stop by to help me. Sadly the email was not read until later. A good friend still does not ignore your cry for help and she called me. Of course Glenda asked what this lid was and when I told her she began to laugh, and laugh some more. She told me one of them would be over on Saturday morning...I said okay. A few minutes later who was walking to my front door? You know it was Glenda and yes she was able after a few tries to open the jar .
Are you also laughing? Sorry but when you crave Sicilian Pistachio Gelato and can not open the jar it becomes desperation! As tempted as I was to eat the whole jar, I only had a few spoonful's. After all the trouble to get it open I want to savor it.  My defense is that I have little strength in my right hand. After resting it these past few days I am ready to tat and stitch this weekend. Next week a bit of machine sewing too. No more heavy duty projects. I will save any that may be for The Brother Alan. Oh I forgot to mention~~~~~he arrives September 19th, one month from today! The countdown begins.  Glad you stopped by today. Thank you for the kind words and most of all for your friendship. Let's have a good day! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Need to rest my hand

Yesterday...thank goodness it has gone. I  want will to be positive about today. I picked up the keyboard slide of course after assembling the thing it did not fit. Now do not ask why I did not check this before hand. When it was ordered I looked at the measurements and it seemed to be fine. There is the problem...the measurements are only for the area where the keyboard sits not the brackets. So, that will be going back tomorrow. Today is already spoken for. I will be stopping at the market for bread, flour, eggs and milk and maybe ice cream. I sure need some Tillamook Vanilla Bean. If I had any it would have been perfect for breakfast this morning.
UPS arrived at 1:45 yesterday and it is a good thing I got to the door before he just left my bookcase. I told him to bring it in and after he left I could barely drag it to another spot...heavy!
Once opened I just looked at all the pieces. I decided to spread them out and organize.

Once everything seemed to be ready it was on to the bags of hardware.

Really?! Do I need all these screws and no electric screw driver? So a Philips head screw driver and a hammer and I started to assemble. After a couple of hours I managed to droop the hammer once on my foot, and with a swollen hand I have a bookcase
The 2 doors for the bottom need to have the hardware attached and then mounted as well as the trim for the 2 adjustable shelves for the top half. My hand is quite sore today after all the assembly so it is a wait till later project. I still will need to move it into place in the kitchen area....I know I will be really happy by the end of the day but right now there is laundry to do and the vacuum is waiting for a tour of the house. Oh and the pond needs a bit of attention also. So my friends as much as I enjoy your visit, I must move on. Thank you for the kind words and your friendship. The big reveal tomorrow...I hope.